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Steps To Clean Air

Schedule a complete inspection of your air handling systems from the point of air intake to the point of distribution and all parts and points in between including plenums, ducts, grills, diffusers, fans, filters, heating and cooling units, air exchangers, coils and all other parts.

Meet with our engineering staff and receive a complete overview of the actions necessary to perform the proper maintenance on your building's air handling systems. Our expertise will provide a complete cleaning and decontamination tailored to the specific needs of your system. We will outline all costs to you and provide a thorough quotation for services.

Schedule the maintenance required. We will work with you to provide minimal interruption of your business activities including scheduling work during off hours if necessary.

Work with our staff to set up a schedule of regular maintenance that provides for periodic inspections, cleanings, filter changes to improve the overall air quality of your building.

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National Air Duct Maintenance Corporation
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Phone: 312 - 829 - 1060
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Are these Organisms living in YOUR Air Handling System?



Bacillus Licheninformism

Bacillus Macerons


Enterobacter Agglomerans

Enterobacter Cloacae

Micrococcus Species

Penicillium Mold

Strep Tococcusfaecalis

Clean Air is a Vital Requirement for a Healthy Indoor Environment

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