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Sick Building Syndrome

Strong Evidence supports the correlation of poor indoor air quality and adverse health effects. Poor indoor environmental conditions contribute significantly to short term discomfort, acute and chronic health problems.

Symptoms range from irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and sinuses to headaches, dizziness and other problems. Sick building syndrome can be blamed for lost work days, lowered productivity and long term health effects.

Good Indoor Air Quality begins with building design, followed by proper maintenance of the building's air handling systems including the heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) system parts which includes a periodic complete cleaning of all system parts from the point of air intake through the building distribution points--ductwork, registers and grills-- and all points and parts in between.

National Air Duct Maintenance Corporation

National Air Duct Maintenance Corporation is dedicated to enhancing the indoor air quality of your facilities.


We have the experience and expertise to significantly increase your indoor air quality.


Is sick building syndrome a factor in your building? Poorly maintained air handling systems contribute to these factors.


National Air Duct Maintenance Corporation is dedicated to the elimination of these problems by properly maintaining your air handling systems.


Meet with our engineering consultants to discuss how National Air Duct Maintenance Corporation will provide for the sound operation and maintenance of your HVAC systems and setup an ongoing indoor air quality monitoring program.


Let the experience and expertise of National Air Duct Maintenance improve the quality of your work environment while reducing your energy and maintenance costs.